Ciao! :) Glamorous italian summer

Summer is here and we already cannot wait to leave for our holiday destination, to enjoy the sun, crystalline clear water and (why not) discovering new places and flavors.

11143455_10150632278464977_7455605770021801721_nWhether you prefer a ladylike outfit or a more casual look, let yourself be seduced by the glam call of blue majolica motifs, this summer’s 2015 strongest trend. Freely inspired by the color of the Mediterranean sea, with a blue majolica print dress you’ll be stand out of the crowd wherever you go. Versatile and extremely glamorous, you can combine it with your favorite accessories.311247888_10153017775216334_5794322866322582174_n

Swimsuit is your ticket to instant glamour this summer, all you need to make you feel and look like an Italian Cinema diva. Feel free to explore the surroundings like a local, visiting new places and discovering exotic flavors.

style-tips-from-the-dolce-and-gabbana-light-blue-journey4Wear light and comfortable clothing, taking your time to breath the sea breeze. style-tips-from-the-dolce-and-gabbana-light-blue-journey20Ciao 🙂 and read more on:


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